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Examples of interdisciplinary research


Biocomposites of Bio-Polyethylene Reinforced with a Hydrothermal-Alkaline Sugarcane Bagasse Pulp and Coupled with a Bio-Based Compatibilizer

In a cradle-to-gate life cycle analysis of the biocomposites, we demonstrated that replacing fossil compatibilizer with a bio-based compatibilizer contributes to a reduction in CO2-eq emissions, and an increase in CO2 capture, achieving a CO2-eq storage of 2.12 kg CO2 eq/kg for the biocomposite containing 40% bagasse fibers and 6% bio-based compatibilizer.

Interview in Compouding world

"Environmental concerns with plastic littering are motivating the development of sustainable biocomposites, where biobased plastics reinforced with lignocellulosic fibres are clear options. "  Read more...

Testimonial in MANUNET

“Our innovation project can be divided into two specific biomedical developments. First, we focused on the development of an innovative prosthesis that improves the quality of life of vulnerable patients with cancer in the pelvic cavity. Secondly, we have produced oxygenated nanocelluloses for wound dressings.” Read more...