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Examples of interdisciplinary research


Photopolymerization of Bio-Based Polymers in a Biomedical Engineering Perspective

Photopolymerization is an effective method to covalently cross-link polymer chains that can be shaped into several biomedical products and devices. The combination of photopolymerizable polymers, containing appropriate photoinitiators, and effective curing based on dedicated light sources offers the possibility to implement photopolymerization technology in 3D bioprinting systems. Hence, cell-laden structures with high cell viability and proliferation, high accuracy in production, and good control of scaffold geometry can be biofabricated. 

Compouding world - May 2021

The BioComp project has been highlighted in Compounding World. We continue our efforts on assisting the industry with the implementation and realization of commercial products. Read more...
Compounding World May 2021 :: 32 : https://cutt.ly/JbxLI1q

Interview in Compouding world - 2020

"Environmental concerns with plastic littering are motivating the development of sustainable biocomposites, where biobased plastics reinforced with lignocellulosic fibres are clear options. "  Read more...

Testimonial in MANUNET

“Our innovation project can be divided into two specific biomedical developments. First, we focused on the development of an innovative prosthesis that improves the quality of life of vulnerable patients with cancer in the pelvic cavity. Secondly, we have produced oxygenated nanocelluloses for wound dressings.” Read more...